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Tensions are rising between Klingons and Romulans as a new, mysterious half-Klingon, half-Romulan hybrid emerges. The Romulan Senate, Klingon High Council, and even more nefarious forces are in pursuit of the hybrid for unknown reasons and the use of cloaking technology has been spotted throughout the galaxy! Working with Worf to find the hybrid and uncover the truth may be the only way to prevent an impending war.


“I hope this gets through to the right person… I think someone is watching me. I’m not sure who.”

Worf has received a transmission from an unknown sender asking for his help. Who sent this mysterious transmission? What forces are at play? Follow the clues to find the sender of the transmission and help Worf track them down.

Along the way, it is discovered that the sender poses a threat to both the Klingon Empire, and to Romulan society. This individual is being held in a Cardassian prison, waiting to be handed over to the Romulan authorities.

Accompany Worf as he attempts to rescue them, overcoming obstacle after obstacle only to realize you are in over your heads…

“I have the feeling that this conflict is only beginning.”

The first part of Star Trek: Duality Arc in October includes:

  • New Ship Cloaking ability
  • 15 new missions
  • Honorguard Worf and Four of Ten Officers
  • 20 new systems with new hostiles
  • New Exocomp Consumables
  • Two Enterprise-D Refits

Loyalty Chests update

Loyalty chests will receive a much-anticipated update:

  • Allegiance Tokens: Going forward, commanders won’t need to make a choice between the 7-day OR the 30-day loyalty chests. Using the loyalty badges on the 7-day chest will grant you a new token that can be used on the 30-day chest (4 tokens will be needed to open one). You may have heard about this already, it’s the feature previously called Photon Tokens we were testing on some servers.
  • In addition, both chests will be updated for players level 40+ with some additional rewards

Ship Cloaking

Ship Cloaking technology is now available in Fleet Command! Surprise and outmaneuver your opponents with the new Cloaking ability, available now for 14 Klingon and Romulan combat ships. You can unlock a ship’s Cloaking ability by acquiring its Ship Cloaking Refit. Ship Cloaking Refit shards are redeemable in the new Ship Cloaking tab of the Refits menu.

Cloaking is a new active ability that can be unlocked for each eligible ship. Activating cloaking will make your ship invisible, untargetable by enemies, and prevent any incoming attacks from initiating. Attacking while cloaked deals significantly more damage and provides a 66% base chance that your name and alliance data will be completely hidden from your enemy’s Battle Logs. You can warp while cloaked to ensure the element of surprise is on your side, and entering a faction system you’re unwelcome in will prevent aggressive hostile marauders from spawning and chasing you.

Acquire a Ship Cloaking Refit to unlock the Cloaking ability for the below ships today!

New Officers

[Epic] Honorguard Worf, now available as an Epic Officer

  • Soldier of the Empire: Every time the ship scores a critical hit in PVP, increase Armor Piercing.
  • Rage of Khitomer: Increase critical hit chance against other players for the first 8 rounds of combat (45%/50%/60%/75%/100%).

[Epic] Four of Ten, now available as an Epic Officer

  • Efficient Ore Acquisition: Increases Ore mining speed by 60%.
  • Cargo Optimization Algorithms: Increases cargo size by 40%/45%/50%/55%/60%.

New Ship Refits

2 Damaged Enterprise-D Ship Refits are now available for both the USS Enterprise and the USS Enterprise-A. Both Refits can be acquired through this month’s Battle Pass and can be obtained by any player’s lvl 10+ through October’s Battle Pass (although they will still need to unlock those ships at the appropriate level in order to use).

New Battle Pass

As said above, the Duality arc launches with an all-new Battle Pass, providing complete unlocks for 2 Damaged Enterprise-D Refits, Honorguard Worf and Four of Ten officer shards, 15 new missions, Ship Cloaking resources, cosmetics, and materials! Progress through the Battle Pass by participating in events throughout the month. You’ll unlock even more rewards by purchasing the Premium Pass!