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Introducing Star Trek Fleet Command Patch 28! The final part of The Original Series arc is upon us and with it comes an array of amazing new content and features! 

Introducing Star Trek: The Original Series – Part 3! 

The Doomsday Machine is here, and it’s closing fast on the Constellation! Join us in the close of the TOS Arc we have begun together in this new year. Fight against the Doomsday Machine together, and save your galaxy.

The third part of Star Trek: The Original Series in March includes: 

  • New Refits
  • New Officers Scotty and Chekov
  • New Doomsday arc with 15 missions
  • New Battle Pass
  • New Events
  • Don’t miss the special St. Patrick day and April Fools events

New Feature: Refits

With the arrival of Refits (aka Personalized Star-ship), you will be able to unlock a variety of visual cosmetics like skins and combat projectiles for your ships! Some of these refits will grant ship specific buffs that increase your ships power when unlocked.

New Officers

  • [Rare]  Scotty
    • Increase Explorer’s Repair Speed
    • Increase warp range on Explorers
  • [Rare]  Chekov
    • Increase Impulse Speed on Explorers
    • When attacked by a player on a capture or mining node, decrease the opponent’s damage by X%.

New Missions

Closing out our first taste of the Original Series in Star Trek Fleet Command, assist the TOS crew as they aim to save the galaxy from an impending Doomsday across up to 15 new missions.

Battle Pass

The arc is finishing off with the final part of the TOS Battle Pass. Claim officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more by taking part in events over the month!


  • Rare Scotty Avatar
  • Rare Chekov Avatar
  • Uncommon Doomsday Avatar
  • Common St. Patrick’s Day Avatar
  • Rare USS Constellation Avatar
  • Epic TOS Enterprise Avatar


  • Epic Doomsday Frame
  • Common April Fool’s Day Frame
  • Epic Arc Closure Frame
  • Common St. Patrick’s Day Frame
  • Uncommon Mission’s Frame

Ticketed Events system

Ticketed events will continue through to the next part of the TOS arc! All existing tickets that were acquired from the TOS part 2 will still be used in Part 3!

In particular, this month we will be having a total of 3 runs of ticketed events over the month. Score points by collecting Antiprotons awarded in Doomsday SMS ticketed events.

All players will be gifted with 10 event tickets each day over the course of the 3 day AMS. Additional tickets can be purchased in the store. Players can choose from one of the available Doomsday SMS events that are available each day of the AMS.

Event Store

Alongside a selection of great events to keep you busy as we head into spring, we are bringing back the Event Store that will feature resources, materials, ship blueprints, TOS officer shards and more!!

Doomsday Encounter Events

Face off against this behemoth of a threat and save your galaxy from annihilation. We will be running multiple events across the month as commanders work together to help to stop the wave of destruction.

St. Patrick Day and April Fools Events

We have some exciting events to celebrate both of these days but we’ll have to keep what we are planning under wraps for now.

Improvement – Confirmation for Instant – Latinum

Developer Comments – After receiving a lot of feedback from our community, we have implemented a new feature that will now first prompt a confirmation button when hitting the instant Latinum button, such as for instantly repairing a ship

  • Confirmation screen added when tapping on instant button when spending more than 100 latinum 
  • Players who do not want to have this confirmation step can turn it off in the General Settings menu

More Improvements

  • Many values in the game are now separated with comma (,) at various locations.
  • Missions tab defaults to last viewed tab
  • Officer power now (usually) displays the same when unassigned and assigned to ship
  • Store the position on the officer carousel in the crew assignment screen

Bugs fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the reputation reward of the daily objective “Romulan Miner” at the segment “2M – 5M” not being consistent with the rewards of other factions
  • Fixed K’bisch’s ability “Defensive Mining”
  • Fixed an issue with the chat Block option not working in some cases
  • Fixed the “Ask for help” buttons being duplicated when getting a new DryDock with the building queue full
  • Fixed all store buttons becoming greyed out/non-functional when suspending the game and viewing any premium bundle’s payment options (for about 30 seconds)
  • Fixed an issue with the “faction-character-name-{0}” appearing instead of “officer name” on faction store while opening faction store for the first time
  • Fixed an issue with Alliances unable to score in Takeovers, despite paying the entry fee and having ships in the system
  • Fixed an issue with the TC capture node art gathering in one place after an update
  • Fixed an issue with accounts belonging to two different alliances
  • Fixed an issue with the TC – Pre-scan: Unable to attack an enemy ship docked on a mining node in a system without an owner or owned by my Alliance
  • Fixed an issue with the zone slot background image Mask being broken
  • Fixed an issue with the faction screen glitching with the faction shop screen
  • Fixed an issue with the ship management full-screen button not working on the first tap.
  • Fixed an issue with the BP Milestones or rewards failing to update after changes
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect ability art shown for some ships and officers
  • Fixed an issue with the UI disappearing when clicking “back” after completing an IAP and before the rewards screen appears
  • Fixed an issue with the missing 2nd builder in the new client for some players
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Scrapping job completed’ disappearing from the Job Panel when going to other menus or restarting the app
  • Fixed an issue with the second Builder and main builder occasionally upgrading the same building at the same time
  • Fixed an issue with the D7 Skin showing no Damage when destroyed in the battle reports
  • Fixed an issue with the blank object viewer appearing on tapping multiple times on Armada
  • Fixed an issue with the missing scrap queue after the 2nd builder launch
  • Fixed an issue with player being unable to access missions of the ‘Alpha Centauri’ and ‘Draken’ mission planets
  • Fixed an issue with the mission art failing sometimes to load on ‘Alpha Centauri’ and ‘Draken’ mission planets
  • Fixed an issue with Keenser’s officer ability and captain maneuver mismatch
  • Fixed an issue with Alexander Marcus’ Captain Maneuver not telling the number of turns Morale lasts
  • Fixed an issue with Alexander Marcus’ captain maneuver reading “HHP”
  • Fixed roughly 15 localization issues