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We’re ready to warp into the core of the newest Star Trek: The Original Series timeline! All commanders are called in to man their stations as Patch 27 is warping into the galaxy and with it new treacherous hostiles, more research nodes and more TOS content to enjoy! 

“Don’t you get it? The Machine – it’s not a machine. It’s alive.”

Commodore Matt Decker and the crew of the USS Constellation make their first appearance since their ill-fated expedition to the Hromi Cluster. Erratic and hungry for vengeance, Commodore Decker seeks retaliation against those who dared to attack his ship.

Meanwhile, after being unceremoniously pulled into our timeline via quantum entanglement, the crew of the USS Enterprise continue to explore this strange, new world that they have found themselves stuck in, hoping to find a way home.

However, contrary to the Enterprise crew’s mission, some dark corners of the galaxy are best left undiscovered. An unimaginable, yet somehow familiar threat has begun to emerge from the darkest recesses of deep space. Soon, it will make its terrible presence known to all who would stand in its way…

Now I am become death. The destroyer of worlds.”

Introducing Star Trek: The Original Series – Part 2! 

Continue assembling the iconic crew with the release of new officers, uncovering the Doomsday threat, completing new missions, powering up with new Station Research nodes, and pulling together in an all-new Server Milestone…

The second part of Star Trek: The Original Series in February includes: 

  • New PERMANENT Second Builder!
  • New officers Hikaru Sulu and Leonard McCoy!
  • New Doomsday story with 20+ missions.
  • New Battle Pass.
  • New avatars and frames.
  • New Station Research.
  • New Server Milestone event!

New Second Builder!

Constructors of your starbase will be happy to hear this! We’re introducing a new PERMANENT second building line that, once unlocked, will allow you to simultaneously build 2 buildings.

New Events

Introducing two types of events!

Server Milestone Event: Work together against the Doomsday threat in a new Server Milestone event to earn exclusive rewards and missions

Ticketed Events: New Ticketed Events offer a chance for players to choose their activities! Similar to how the event store allows you to select your rewards, ticketed events allows you to choose your event. Progress through the battle pass to earn event tickets for free, and purchase more in the IAP store to participate in more!

New officers

[Rare] TOS Hikaru Sulu

Optimist at heart: At the start of each turn, X% chance of having morale for that turn.

I’ll protect you: When having morale on an Explorer increase Critical hit Chance.

[Rare] TOS Leonard McCoy

We’re rescuing you: When defending, Increase all Mitigation stats by % of Health.

Just a country doctor: If on an Explorer, Increase all officer stats.

New Missions

All new missions will be available for commanders with Ops level 25 and above.

  • Included ten new main missions focused on USS Constellation 
  • Go through the Doomsday story

New Systems and Hostiles!

Fight off new Worm hostiles in 10 brand-new Doomsday systems:

• Etalon
• Mezara
• Kullendi
• Nya Tuum
• Mal’Tahn
• DokaNapiar
• Hollin
• Kendi
• Yurifax
• Doka and Napiar

New Research Tree extension! 

We’re adding more than 60 new nodes to the Station Research Tree that will help you to improve your ships and all the buildings of your starbase. They will provide you economic efficiency, station defense power, and much more! These new nodes will be available for those who have Ops level 40 and above. 

Improvement – Rebalancing G4 Repair costs

Developer Comments – After listening to our community, we are rebalancing repair costs for all G4 ships (except for the ISS Jellyfish). This comes both from a lower base cost as well as improvements from the Station Research tree that lower costs further. 

  • All G4 repair costs are now lowered (except for the ISS Jellyfish)

Improvement – Ship targeting

  • We’ve made it easier for players to target a ship that’s in battle. If you are focused on a ship that then enters combat with another ship, instead of the viewer going away, the attack button will be disabled.  This makes it easier to target your attack more quickly once the battle is over.

Other Improvements

  • Improved fleet behaviour when ships drift too far away from their expected position due to degraded server connections. 
  • Large quantities of required Faction points now will have comma separation so the players can easily recognize the requirements. 

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where in rare circumstances event or research rewards could be awarded to the wrong player. 
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some players to not be able to see Packs’ prices.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some nodes from the Station Research Tree to missing assets once re-entering the Research Tree screen. 
  • Fixed an issue with Station Defenses research that was causing some players to not be able to see the correct ship strength once re-docked.  
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some players to not be able to see the officer shards bar once opening the alliance reward chest. 
  • Fixed an issue where players would see a ‘Retry’ button instead of ‘Activate’ when trying to activate a territory capture service.
  • Fixed a visual issue that was causing the red circle around targeted enemies to be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Resource Token to not disappear after using it.  
  • Fixed an issue that was not allowing the players to cancel the window “cannot activate peace shield while there is a pending battle” if the player tries to activate peace shields while under attack. 
  • Fixed an issue that was causing an active takeover to be potentially joined multiple times if the Admiral and Commodore tapped the “Join Takeover” button simultaneously.  
  • Fixed an issue where the art for the reward in the mission “Now and then Part 9” is missing.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Alliances to buy the same territory capture service multiple times . 
  • Fixed an issue with the “Unlock Path” icon reward that was missing from several missions. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Vi’dar that was showing the wrong icon for its ability. 
  • Fixed an issue whilst using the USS Discovery that was causing the “Jump Travel” being overlapped for a fraction of second with an interstitial slide, when jumping the first time into Origin space.  
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some white thick bars on the pop-up once reaching Operation level 15.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Alliance tab to have the “Join, Create, Edit, Invites” buttons not centered. 
  • Fixed an issue with Kuron that wasn’t recharging all Kinetic weapons entirely.  
  • Fixed an issue where some Android players had stuck purchases which prevented the purchase of new Daily Reward Packs or the Battle Pass.
  • Fixed an issue with the officer Elea Mäkinen that was not upgrading her stats properly. 
  • Fixed a visual issue with Airiam that looked like it would trigger 100%.
  • Fixed an issue where the option to help an Alliance member disappeared when there was less than 5 minutes left to complete the job.

Localization bug fixes

We made a series of fixes to location names, mission names or objectives, terms, grammar errors, and dialogues that were not displayed correctly.