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Optional Version 13.180.6

  • Fix a crash being in clouds when a donation request with specific troops is made or modified
  • Fix a bug in the quick donate menu where if a max level unit had been requested and the player did not have the unit maxed but would taking into account their clan’s donation perk the items would not be sorted in the expected order of requested items first.

New: Super Troops!

Super Troops is an all-new feature (unlocked at Town Hall 11) that allows you to temporarily power-up existing Troops into Super versions of themselves. Each Super Troop will have a special ability that sets them apart from their normal version, adding a whole new dimension to your Home Village.

Four Super Troops added: Super Barbarian, Super Giant, Sneaky Goblin, Super Wall Breaker

New Levels

Town Hall 9:
  • Unlock 3rd Dark Elixir Drill (previously was at TH10
  • Freeze Spell can be upgraded to level 2
Town Hall 11:
  • Gold Mine level 14
  • Elixir Pump level 14
  • Dark Elixir Drill level 8
Town Hall 12:
  • Barbarian level 9
  • Goblin level 8
Town Hall 13:
  • Archer Tower level 18
  • Mortar level 13
  • Bomb Tower Level 8
  • Minion level 9
  • Valkyrie level 8
  • Poison Spell level 7
  • Additional X50 level 14 Wall pieces

Cost Reductions

The below items in the Home Village received upgrade cost reductions during the Spring Update:

  • Barbarian levels 5-8
  • Archer levels 5-8
  • Giant levels 5-9
  • Goblin levels 5-7
  • Wall Breaker levels 5-6
  • Balloon level 6
  • Wizard levels 5-7
  • Dragon levels 3-5
  • P.E.K.K.A levels 2-7
  • Baby Dragon levels 2-4
  • Miner levels 2-3
  • Minion level 6
  • Hog Rider level 6
  • Valkyrie levels 2-5
  • Golem levels 2-7
  • Barbarian King and Archer Queen levels up to 40
  • Lightning Spell levels 6-7
  • Freeze Spell level 5
  • Skeleton Spell levels 2-3
  • Walls levels 5-12
  • Bomb levels 5-7
  • Spring Trap levels 3-5
  • Air Bomb level 4
  • Seeking Air Mine levels 2-3

New Practice Levels

  • Yeti Smash (TH12)
  • Bane of the Ring (TH13)

Quality of Life Improvements

  • A new option in the troop request menu allows for specific requests (and can also be toggled to restrict donations to max level donations)
  • Clan Castle reinforcements are now sorted by the following criteria in order:
    • Lowest housing space first
    • If housing space is equal, troops are sorted by internal IDs (creates a seemingly arbitrary choice of deployment order)
    • If internal IDs are equal, then lowest level first
  • New Hero Skin selection screen that is much easier to select which skin you want to apply to your Hero.
  • All Heroes will display in their selected skin under the Player Profile tab.
  • When acquiring a new skin, the UI to select the skin will automatically open.
  • Some selected skins will be able to be purchased outside of the Gold Pass.
  • Research Potions now boost the Laboratory speed by 24x instead of 10x.
    • The price for Research Potions has been increased from 70 Gems to 120 Gems in the Trader’s Daily Deals.
  • Added an easier way for Content Creators to create a link to share with their viewers in order to use their Creator Code.
  • Friendly Challenge-specific Clan Castle Troops: like Legend League, once they are set they will remain unchanged until you replace them.
  • Allow the use of Home Village layouts in Friendly Wars even if the layout is blocked by obstacles.
  • New option in the Settings menu to disable screen shake.
  • To help combat spying during the Clan War League seasons, players not on the roster or without a role (i.e. Elder or higher) in the Clan may not see the War League screen in Champion Leagues.
  • When claiming rewards from Clan Games, if you do not have enough storage space for the claimed item you will be given the option to select Gems instead. The number of Gems received is based on the normal price the specific item sells for.

Game Balance

  • Modified Grand Warden’s AI to be less likely to follow Yetimites or other Heroes.
  • Eagle Artillery will be less likely to target Yetimites.
  • Healer AI has been modified to be less likely to heal Golemites.
  • Defensive Ice Golem’s Freeze duration is reduced by 0.5 seconds.
  • Various changes to Yetimites:
    • Splash damage radius has been slightly reduced to avoid hitting adjacent buildings when attacking a 2×2 structure.
    • Yetimites no longer trigger deploying Clan Castle troops.
    • Yetimite damage against resource storages (including Town Hall) has been reduced by 50%.
  • Number of Wall Rings required to upgrade Walls (in Home Village) has been reduced for certain levels:
    • Level 11: 2 -> 1
    • Level 12: 4 -> 3

Builder Base

  • Builder Base battles will now feature a tiebreaker. If both players achieve the same destruction and Stars (provided both players do more than 0% damage), then the player with the most remaining time left will be the winner.
  • Training time from Builder Base Troops has been removed and so they can be used in an attack immediately.
    • Regeneration time for the Battle Machine has also been removed.
    • Troops may still be trained even if the Builder Barracks are being upgraded.
  • Various changes to the Clock Tower:
    • Multiplier increased from 8x to 10x
    • Boost duration has been increased from 3-11 minutes to 14-30 minutes.
    • Cooldown time has been increased from 7 hours to 22 hours but the Gem price to skip the cooldown has been reduced.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug where Heroes receive double health regeneration when their ability is used both automatically and manually at the same time.
  • Fix issues with Royal Champion not throwing her shield if ability is enabled while frozen
  • Fix forced retargeting after the following attack after destroying a Wall
  • Make Grand Warden able to do something sensible while his group is frozen
  • Make Grand Warden consider retargeting more frequently if he’s not following any group
  • Fix Wall Wrecker getting stuck on Walls
  • Alert defending Royal Champion like other Heroes when enemies are approaching the altar
  • Fixed Electro Dragon sometimes targeting the same target twice within a single lightning chain (could happen when forced to retarget while the chain was still active)
  • Fix Royal Champion attacking non-defense buildings in rare cases
  • Fix a “bug” where Clan Games tasks refresh when no players in the clan are online for a short period of time
UI and Art
  • Show visual boost effect for O.T.T.O Hut when Clock Tower is active
  • Do not show CC spells in CC troop area in attack confirm screen if someone donates spells while the screen is open
  • Show purple Hero level icons properly in attack confirm screen if Hero Potion is active
  • Show boosts properly when opening attack confirm screen via War or Friendly Challenge scout view
  • Gray out Join Clan button if the player has insufficient Town Hall level to join the Clan
  • Fix flawed graphics offset for Lava Hound and Healer (their real position was not based on the middle point of the shadow)
  • Fix visual effect targeting for many flying troops
  • Fix inconsistencies with situations where multiple boosts which affect movement speed, attack speed and damage (Poison, Rage, Haste, Barbarian King ability, Archer Queen ability, Baby Dragon tantrum) are active at the same time. Now the best boosts (and worst de-buffs) for each attribute are selected and applied
    • Note: Freeze effects from Ice Golem or the Town Hall 13 explosion are not considered a boost and instead stack with the above
  • Don’t show Hidden Teslas in Builder Base village preview of player profile.
  • Show gear ups, building attack modes and Air Sweeper aim angles properly in village preview.
  • Show correct frame of Eagle Artillery and Air Sweeper instead of showing the last frame which would show that the Eagle is out of ammo.
  • Show hidden objects such as Teslas and Traps properly in player profile when viewed by the member from the same clan. Previously they were always removed from player profile view.
  • Fix visual rounding error for Gold and Elixir when using a rune for some specific amounts of resources (for example 17999999)
  • Fix a bug where if a player finished their last Clan Games task and went offline until after the Games ended then they could miss out on being eligible to claim the extra reward for maxing their score quota.
  • Fix Hero healing timer in training overview screen. The timer wasn’t calculated properly when boost was active and boost timer was shorter than Hero heal timer. (+ Same fix for troop & spell timers)
  • Remove artificial limitation of 20 for minimum clan level in Clan Search
  • Do not spawn Tall Grass from stashed Ancient Barbarian Statue.